Baby Pacifier 'I Love Daddy' Design Collection, Girl, 4-Count

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  • CALMS & SOOTHES BABIES 0-6 MONTHS:  pacifier nipple is designed by parents and medical experts to feel like mother’s breast to relax babies between 0-6 months old.
  • EASY CLEANING:  pacifiers sterilize in the microwave in the case they come within 3 minutes, perfect for travel and on the go.
  • CARRYING CASE: pacifiers come with a reusable pacifier carrying case that is perfect for keeping your pacifiers clean on the go.
  • ALWAYS RIGHT-SIDE UP: Symmetrical nipple so pacifier can never be inserted the wrong way.  with asymmetrical nipples need to be manually adjusted by parents to soothe baby and can negatively affect oral development when positioned incorrectly.
  • DESIGNED TO PREVENT SKIN IRRITATION:  Pacifiers feature large air holes to allow air to reach baby’s skin to reduce irritation. Curved shield and innovative bumps on inner shield surface prevent pacifier from laying completely flush to baby’s face, keeping the drool from becoming trapped against the skin.

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