Baby Booties Girl & Boy Infant Fleece Slippers

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    • Wrap Your Baby’s Feet in our Wonderfully Soft Baby Booties. Our Baby Slippers are made with the softest of fleece that will keep your little one’s toes warm and comfortable throughout the year. Baby Shoes that you will feel great putting your baby and your little one won’t want to take off. These are a great addition to your baby girl shoes or baby boy shoes.
    • Can’t Wiggle Out of These. It’s a miracle, Slippers that stay on! These bootie slippers have not one, but two adjustable Velcro strips that will keep these on your little one’s feet. They should keep even the most determined Houdini occupied for at least a little while. Hidden elastic around the ankle keeps the newborn shoes a snug fit around your little one’s ankles ensuring they stay on during the times of wondering and exploration.
    • Comfort and Security. Our baby girl and baby boy slippers are designed with a wide box toe allowing for greater comfort and freedom for your little one as they explore. Newborn baby boy shoes can often come with little to no tread on the shoes, increasing the potential for your child to slip and fall. The soles of our baby boy booties and baby girl booties are designed with rubber grips, providing a slip-resistant crib shoe that you can feel safe putting your baby in.
    • So Many Styles and Colors, So Versatile. Newborn booties should be fun and that’s is what we set out to do. Colors and styles for all seasons, there is a color of booties for babies of every style. Baby boy crib shoes and baby girl booties can now make a statement, so have fun and go bright. Go ahead and grab a couple of pairs. These aren’t baby slipper socks… they are better.
    • Machine Washable. A Miracle! Infant slippers that are truly machine washable. Our kid's booties are sturdy and durable, withstanding the many wears and washes infant crib shoes will need. These baby booties will become a staple for your child’s wardrobe. It’s a no-brainer, go get some booties baby!

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