Step by Step Guide on Planning Baby Shower like a Pro

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Step by Step Guide on Planning Baby Shower like a Pro

Planning a baby shower is always a fun activity to do. A good time to start planning for a baby shower is as soon as you get pregnant or about a few days ahead of delivery. You want to invite all of your loved ones to become a part of this special occasion. 

 Baby showers are a great way to have fun together. You get to talk about the upcoming baby and forthcoming family relations. Going to-be-mother and going to-be-father can be seen as excited for a new family member. They get blessings for their kid from kith and kin.

Those who will be parents for the first time might find it challenging to plan a baby shower. After all, there are many things to look after, like choosing a place, inviting guests, looking after them, decoration, eatables, etc. 

There is no need to worry; this is an informative article that will throw light on various baby shower ideas. Let's dive into the material and find some exciting ways to make a baby shower memorable.

When to Plan a Baby Shower

when to plan a baby shower

Knowing the right time to plan a baby shower is frequently asked by women. The right time for a baby shower is 4-6 weeks before the baby's due date. Planning a baby shower happens before or after the birth of a child. Whether before delivery or after delivery, these are becoming part of one's life as it is one of the best ways to have fun and frolic with loved ones.

 Most of the time, friends are the ones that plan the baby shower. Nowadays, anyone from the family can plan the baby shower party. It’s a great way to bring together all the family members and friends in one place and enjoy each other's company.

How to Plan a Baby Shower

how to plan a baby shower

When one gets cleared about the right time for scheduling a baby shower, then the thing to look up to is how to achieve it successfully? Planning a baby shower is not less than planning a wedding or birthday party. If done right, you will see a sense of happiness on the face of the mother and everyone else.

 A successful baby shower must start by organizing the things step by step. One can make a checklist for to-do-things and can start working on it one by one. Just grab a notepad and commence in with your checklists' plans. In this manner, you will cover all the aspects of a baby shower in no time.


Baby Shower Checklist

baby shower checklist

While planning a baby shower checklist, create a vision with some necessities like invitations, decorative items, snacks, and drinks, etc. With this step by step guide and easy to follow checklist. You can plan the baby shower correctly. Let's check it out- what kind of things to include while making a checklist?

Before 2-3 months, you have enough time to look after the baby shower planning. Follow the steps below:

Select the Date:

Whenever we set a date for any get-together, we consider the schedules of our near and dear ones. Similarly, when you are about to arrange a time for the baby shower, view the guests' calendar and parents-to-be. In this way, you can come out with a date that is suitable for everyone.

Decide the Theme:

Baby showers reach the next level when we have a theme in our minds. It becomes effortless to decide on the idea when you get to know the gender of a child. But, if you do not know the gender of the new arrival, then you can set an underlying theme like pastel colors, pacifiers, diaper pins, etc.

Look for the Venue:

To plan a baby shower, you should think about the perfect place to host a baby shower. Think upon the kind of place you desire, the atmosphere you wish for while welcoming your new baby. Relax, it could be your home, your garden, or any beachside. Choose wherever you feel comfortable. 

Prepare a Guest List:

Now is the time for finalizing the guests i.e., to whom you will invite and whom you are going to leave. You have the full right to ditch some guests as it is your most personal occasion. 

Decide on your Budget:

It is just a myth that to plan a beautiful baby shower; one needs to squander enough money. The reality is that planning a baby shower on a low budget is also possible. Just set your budget limit and plan the things accordingly.

Decide on food:

Be specific with this. Try to include favorable food items that can be consumed by pregnant women as well. Irrespective of this, you must have snacks, cake, etc. to complete the occasion. 

Prepare Invitations:

Invitation cards also add a charm to any get-together. Design your own theme based invitation card and send those manually to all. If manually not possible, then use the technology by sending invitations through mailing or social media.

What Are Some Fun Ideas to Make a Baby Shower Stand Out?

baby shower planning

Having cool games to play can add spice to your baby shower. Here are some games to consider. 

The first one is to add games. There are many games to play for men and women, such as clothespin games, putting baby items on a cookie sheet, etc. Including such kinds of games to these parties can add enough memories to the occasion. Moreover, guests can spend their time enjoying themselves.

The other way to make a baby shower stand out is to give return gifts. Those who come to you on your special day always bring some presents to make you feel special and happy. Just imagine how special they will feel when you, too, will give return gifts to them. A baby shower is not just about getting presents; it is about exchanging and expressing love and care for each other.