How to Swaddle a Baby Safely

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How to Swaddle a Baby Safely

The most efficient way of nursing a baby is obtained from ancient ancestral secrets. One of such old-fashioned nursing secrets is to swaddle babies. Swaddling a baby is one of the best ways to put a newborn to sleep; it also reduces the baby's chances of waking up more frequently.

Apart from preventing the startling reflex of a newborn, swaddling ensures a feeling of safety. It also provides a warm, cozy, and womb-like environment for the baby. While your little one is still on the way to getting familiarized with the outside world, swaddling can play a pivotal role in comforting them artificially. Below, you will learn more about how to swaddle a newborn baby.

How to swaddle a Baby Step by Step

New parents might feel it quite challenging to swaddle a baby properly. But, with practice, you can master the swaddling techniques in a short span. Here, you will find all the swaddling steps and some alternatives that can make your baby happier.

Step 1: Find a flat surface.

Find a stable flat surface like a bed and spread a swaddle blanket in a diamond shape. Then, fold a corner of the blanket about 6-inches down.

Step 2: How to Place Your Baby

Place the baby on the folded part of the blanket and make sure that the baby's head protrudes out from the folded edge.

Step 3: Left Arm Wrap

Now, stretch the left arm of the baby. Pull the left side of the blanket covering the left arm and the chest. Finally, secure the left end by tucking it beneath the baby’s back. So, the baby gets his left arm and chest covered with the blanket.

Step 4: Bottom and Right Wrap

Take the bottom corner of the blanket. Tuck it inside the first fold, below the baby's chin. Then, stretch his right arm. Pullover the right part of the blanket and tuck it beneath there left side.

Step 5: Some Final

Congratulate yourself; you have done great so far. The last step is to just give a gentle twist to the bottom portion of the blanket, tuck it beneath your baby, and it's done!

Different ways to swaddle a Baby

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The swaddling techniques can be classified into seven different styles. If you live in a hot climate location, using only an arms-only swaddle is all you need. For babies that have high leg-movement, the Burrito-Wrap swaddle provides more room for the baby. These techniques give them comfort with movements and wiggles. Similarly, parents looking for more alternate swaddling techniques can try techniques such as the Preemie Swaddle, Houdini Swaddle, Bat-Wings Swaddle, Hands-Up Swaddle, and Feeding-Cues Swaddle.

How to use Swaddle Blankets?

Interestingly, swaddle blankets can be used beyond calming your newborn or ensuring an undisturbed sleep. These multi-functional blankets can be used as a play cloth, over any surface. The soft and cozy blankets are apt for your baby to wiggle over and crawl around safely and comfortably.

In addition to this, these blankets can be used as:

  • A nursing scarf and private cover for the mother while she nurses her baby.
  • A pram cover to prevent the baby's skin burn during a summer walk
  • or even an emergency bib

For simpler terms, a swaddle blanket can be used for different purposes.

Is swaddling safe for babies?

Is swaddling safe for babies

Swaddling a newborn has more advantages over risks for premature babies. Some carelessness or ignorance might boost up the chances and can harm the baby. However, if you are aware of the following swaddle instructions, you are doing a great job as a parent!

  1. Select the appropriate swaddling style. It should allow proper aeration for the baby to prevent any overheating.
  2. Ensure that the swaddling blanket material is soft and does not cause any skin irritation to the baby.
  3. The blanket wrapping might cause some suffocation to the babies. It's essential to monitor that the baby can breathe freely inside the swaddle blanket.
  4. The baby’s legs should be positioned correctly, without any strain and stretching. This will omit any chances of hip dysplasia completely.
  5. Being able to sleep calmly in a swaddle blanket, the baby will get up less frequently. So, they will eat less than the required amount and gain less weight than average. Ensure proper and timed feeding for the baby, as it is essential for healthy growth.

How Long to Swaddle A Baby Per Day?

The ability to bend their knees and get some leg movements are necessary for the baby. This ensures strong leg muscles and prevents hip dysplasia. Swaddling your baby for a short duration has no problem. But if you are planning to swaddle them for prolonged sleep hours of the day and night, it will be great to switch over to a sack that allows free movement of the legs.

Swaddling is the most suitable technique to prevent your baby from being startled and awakening frequently. Not all babies are swaddling fans. Therefore, parents must carefully observe their little ones before proceeding to swaddle.