Baby Bath Tub Safety Tips- A Must Know for Parents

Baby Bath Tub Safety Tips- A Must Know for Parents

Water is a favorite play prop and a mode of recreation for most kids. However, some negligence and unawareness can transform the fun and frolic into a mishap.

Baby bathtub injuries are very common to kids, some of which can even be fatal. You need to remain alert and stay aware of the risky moves in the bathroom. So, before taking your little one to the bathtub, take a look at the following baby bathtub safety tips.

Safety rules when bathing a baby

Safety rules when bathing a baby

1. Never Leave Your Little One Alone

Knowing how curious kids are, you must never leave your baby playing alone in the bathroom. They may try to step out of the tub and risk tripping. And in some cases, chances of drowning in the tub prevail.

2. Use A Small Bath Tub

You must be careful while filling the baby bathtub. Even an inch of extra water can be fatal to your newborn. A small bathtub omits all chances of drowning and helps with better water temperature regulation.

 3. Ensure Proper Drainage

Toddlers love to splash and roam around outside the tub. Due to poor drainage, water can accumulate in the bathroom, and your baby can slip and get injured severely. So, before taking them to the bath, remove any blockages, and ensure proper drainage.

4.Turn Off the Appliances

Electricity is another foe for your baby. Kids remain curious to touch anything within arms' length and try to play with it. Any active appliance, like a hair straightener, can cause severe burn injuries to your baby. Also, your baby risks an electric shock against small tampering to the wires of the appliance.

 5. Keep the Toiletries Away

Use a high-rise shelf for keeping shampoos, soaps, and other products out of reach for your baby. In your absence, they can get access to the products, which might spill over them, get in their eyes, or even swallow it.


Types of Baby Bath Tubs

According to the baby's age, there are different types of bathtubs available in the market. These tubs are made as per the standard baby bathtubs and are safe to use. You can browse through the following types and pick out the best baby bathtub for your little one.

1. Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Before using, you need to inflate these tubs and place them in the ordinary baby bathtub. The inflated tubs act as comfortable paddings for your baby. However, these tubs are not safe for infants. Some doctors say the inflatable bathtubs are prone to collapse and can injure the baby. You should consult a doctor before purchasing these bathtubs.

2. Foldable Bath Tubs

For space-conscious parents, foldable bathtubs are ideal. When you take your baby to the bath, you can snap the tub and fit it into the bathroom sink. You can collapse or fold the baby bathtub seat and store it concisely after use.

3. Convertible Baby Bathtubs

These are adjustable bathtubs, appropriate to use for infants and toddlers up to 2 years old. You can insert the slings provided with these tubs to make it suitable for the 0-6-month-old babies. Whereas, with the slings removed, the tubs become best for a toddler who can sit unassisted.


What should you check when buying a Baby Bathtub?

Types of Baby Bath Tubs

Choosing from a wide range of baby bathtubs is challenging. Keeping the following baby bathtub features in mind, you can select the best newborn baby bathtub.

1. Thermometer

The thermometer tubs help monitor the temperature of the water. You can keep an eye on the thermometer to check if the water is too hot or too cold. Ideally, the best temperature for bathing a baby is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Anti-Slipping Surface

The tub surface should not allow children to slip and hurt themselves.

3. Water Fill Indicator

The best bathtubs have a line, indicating the safe water-level. Experts suggest that you should fill the tub two-four inches with water.

4. Drainage Plug

The plugs allow easy drainage of tub water and remove the necessity of lifting the tub and draining the water.

5. Overhanging Rim

The overhanging rim ensures easy handling of the bathtub and eliminates the babies' possibilities to get hurt.

How to Use a Baby Bathtub?

How to Use a Baby Bathtub?

After purchasing the right baby bathtub, you want to get started with bathing your baby. First things first, place the bathtub on a sturdy surface. Ensure that the water is suitably warm, collect all the necessary baby products, and gently place the little one into the tub. While bathing, keep a hand to support the baby's head and gently wash them. After bathing, you can take them out of the tub and dry them with a soft towel.

How to Clean a Baby Bathtub?

After bathing your baby, the bathtub will accumulate soap and other baby product residue. You must clean the tub regularly after each use with gentle soap and water.

Choose the right tub, fill in the required amount of water, and safely bathe your baby. While keeping the safety measures in mind, let your baby have fun, rejuvenate, and enjoy their childhood in the bathtub.