2 Week Old Baby- Powerful Parenting Tips for all Moms

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2 Week Old Baby- Powerful Parenting Tips for all Moms

At last, you have your baby home with you. It will take some time to adjust to the lifestyle after giving birth. Including your family members to help you along this transition is very important. As your baby is two weeks old, you will start to notice more movement and expressions.

During these early few weeks, you need to be extra careful with the baby. As a mother, this is the time when you have to spend most of the time with your newborn. Follow these useful guidelines to ensure proper care of your baby.

After two weeks, your baby is still developing, and you are still healing. So, follow the guide, but do keep this in mind.

2 Weeks Old Baby Development

Your baby is more alert and active than the previous week. You can notice a gradual decrease in the weight of the baby in the first ten days. After the second week, you will see some significant developments in your baby.

  • Mild scratches on eyelids will soon begin to disappear,
  • red spots due to broken blood vessels in eyes will settle.
  • During this 2-week
  • mark, you can notice a few birthmarks may start appearing
  • , and the baby will begin to make eye contact with you
  • And begin to respond to sounds and voices.

2 Weeks Old Baby Patterns

A 2 weeks old baby is very delicate, and it is very tough to notice the baby's patterns when you are a mother for the first time. However, this article will make it easy for you to check the different baby patterns to know your baby better. Let us look at some of the baby patterns like feeding, sleeping, and behavior below:

Tips to Examine the Feeding Patterns of Baby

 Feeding Patterns of Baby

Is your baby hungry? When you are with your two-week-old baby, try to find the cues that he/she gives when hungry. In most cases, 2-week old babies fuzz, cry, suck their hands, or seem unhappy when they feel hungry.

You can also see this behavior when the baby is still hungry after breastfeeding, which can result from the baby not yet knowing how to suck effectively, causing them not to get enough milk to satisfy their hunger.

Some women feed their babies with bottles; be sure to prepare the right proportion suggested by experts. If the amount of water or powder goes up or down, it may upset the little one's stomach, and constipation may arise.


How much milk does a 2 Week Old Baby Need? 

A newborn baby depends on frequent feedings for proper growth and development. But, how much milk should you feed a 2-week old baby? For breastfed babies, you should supply them with 12-32 ounces of breast milk within 24 hours, and bottle-fed babies should have 16-32 ounces within 24 hours.

Sleeping Patterns of 2 Week Old Babies

It is, often, noticed that babies sleep in the morning and are more alert in the late afternoon and evening. A 2 weeks old baby must get enough sleep. If your baby is not falling asleep, then try out these methods:

  • If your baby is not sleeping, giving them a gentle massage and a lukewarm bath to relax him/her will help.
  • Rocking them to sleep in your arms while cuddling or breastfeeding is another good option.
  • You can even give your baby a separate place to sleep- such as a baby bed.

How much does a 2 Week old Baby Sleep?

Sleeping Patterns of 2 Week Old Babies

Newborn babies are not used to the actual routine of a typical day. When a baby is a few weeks old, he or she sleeps for long hours each day. Approximately 15-17 hours a day is the average amount of sleep for a baby, leaving 8-10 hours where the baby is awake.


What to do with a 2 Week Old Baby when Awake?

 2 Week Old Baby when Awake

When your baby wakes up, you should try to communicate with him/her interactive

  • First, let your baby wake up on his/her tummy as it is beneficial to strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles. But, if your baby does not like this position, you do not need to force them into it.
  • Sing a lullaby and make the baby familiar with sounds and words.
  • Show them expressions like a smiling face, stick out your tongue, etc.
  • Play with a toy to make your baby familiar with toys.
  • Lastly, talk with your baby and read books to them.


How often should a Two Weeks Old Baby Poop?

You might have noticed your babies first poop within 48 hours after birth. It is a thick and dark green/brown colored stool ingested by the baby in the uterus.

After that, a baby starts pooping and peeing regularly. For the first six weeks of age, a baby poops about 2-5 times a day or after every meal. It is mandatory to monitor the poop of babies as it gives you information about their overall health.

What should be the Environment of a Newborn Baby?

Environment of a Newborn Baby

When a new member comes to the family, we must offer a healthy and happy environment. Not only babies, but caregivers should also get an annual flu vaccination. In addition to this,

  • Doing the following is essential: Keep your house smoke-free to avoid any respiratory infections.
  • Avoid giving honey to infants as it contains a toxin.
  • Make sure to keep your baby away from people with colds or flu.
  • Always wash your hands before coming in contact with the baby.
  • Lastly, you should breastfeed the baby for 12 months.

All the above-said guidelines will work best for you and your baby if followed strictly. Welcome and nurture your baby in a safe and clean environment to avoid any hassle.